About Us

The pre-registration advising period is held each semester prior to the registration period. Students should schedule an appointment to meet with his or her advisor regarding course selections for the upcoming semester.

Refer to the University Academic Calendar for specific dates of advising and registration each term.

Advisors are also available to assist student in processes such as adding and/or dropping courses after the deadline, changing majors, withdrawing, and providing general education and career advice. We encourage you to become acquainted with your advisor and to use them as a resource for all your academic related questions.

Advising Tips

Treat your appointment as a professional engagement and arrive on time.

​Prepare a list of questions or concerns before each meeting.

​Review MSUs undergraduate catalog, reading about academic and graduation requirements and course descriptions to learn about the variety of courses, and programs of study available.

Create a tentative schedule for the upcoming semester and bring it to your advising session. This can be extremely helpful, especially if you are already aware of the major you want to declare. We've created a tentative class schedule worksheet to bring to advising!

​Think about how many semesters you plan to be here. Do your plans include taking classes during the summer and/or the maymester period?

​Ask questions! If you don't understand a requirement or policy, we are happy to answer your questions.

​Observe academic deadlines. Know when to register and when to drop or add classes. Set up appointments with your advisor well in advance of these deadlines; if deadlines have passed, we may or may not be able to help.

​Keep your advisor informed about changes in your academic progress, course selection, and academic/career goals.

​Keep a personal record of your progress towards your degree. Organize official academic records.

​Inform your advisor immediately whenever a serious problem (medical, financial, personal) disrupts your ability to attend classes.

​Ask when would be a good time to seek your next advising appointment. It is your responsibility to stay connected with your program requirements and your advisor. Plan ahead!

Check your bully mail daily as that main way the University and the UAAC communicates with students.