Academic Policies

How and when can I drop/add a course and is there a fee?

During a full-term semester, students can drop a course via banner up to the 5th day to drop a course and add a course to the 6th day of class at not cost.  After the Drop/Add deadlines, Students must meet with their Advisor, complete a drop/add form, get the required signatures, and pay a $50 fee per course dropped or added.

Drop/Add deadline dates for each term can be found on the Mississippi State University Academic Calendar

How do I withdraw from all my classes?

A student must submit an online withdrawal request to withdraw from all classes within a term. It can be found here. Before a student submits a withdrawal request, they should talk to their advisor. 

May I repeat a course?

You should contact your advisor to retake a course you have earned a passing grade in.