Academic Policies

How do I change my major?

When you are ready to declare a major, you will need to make an appointment with your advisor, who will verify your GPA and course requirements and provide you with a Major Change Form. You will have that form signed by the department of your intended major and then return the form to UAAC for final signatures and processing.

How and when can I add/drop a class?

The deadline to drop a class in Banner is the 5th day of classes in regular terms (Fall and Spring).  The deadline to add a class in Banner is the 6th day of classes for the regular terms by 8:00am.  Courses may be added after the 6th day of classes using a drop/add form only if approved first by the instructor of the course followed by advisor approval. Some departments may also require the approval of their respective deans.  Courses may be dropped with a drop/add form through the 36th day of classes (regular terms) with advisor approval.  Again, some departments may also require the approval of the dean.   Students using this option will have a “W” displayed on their transcript for the courses(s).  Keep in mind that dropping below 12 hours can have a negative impact on financial aid, housing, health insurance, etc. For some state of Mississippi residents, dropping below 15 hours can have a negative impact on state financial aid. Summer term deadlines to add and/or drop are shorter because these terms are condensed.  Please see the university academic calendar for the specific dates.

What is the course drop/add fee?

Courses dropped or added with a drop/add slip after the deadline in Banner are assessed a $50 fee in addition to the tuition for the course.

How do I withdraw from all my classes?

The withdrawal procedure is initiated in our office for undeclared students. Withdrawal should be considered by students leaving the University before the end of the semester to prevent future difficulties in obtaining transcripts or in re-entering the University, and to avoid having F’s automatically recorded for all courses taken during the semester. View the complete policy on withdrawals here.

May I repeat a course?

To retake a course, you can use Academic Forgiveness for up to two courses. Also, without using Academic Forgiveness, you may have to call the department offering the course to request a retake override to be keyed on your behalf in Banner. Most departments ask which course number and section you wish to take.

How do I calculate my GPA?

To calculate your GPA, add the total number of credit-bearing hours and divide this number into the total number of quality points. To determine your total number of quality points, multiply the credit hours for each course by the numerical value of the grade earned for each course (A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F= 0). Add these numbers together and you will have your total number of quality points.
*Courses from other schools will not be included in your MSU GPA.