General Advising

Why do I need to meet with an advisor?

Meeting each semester with your advisor will help keep you on track to progress smoothly toward completing a degree. An advisor is able to help you make sure that you are planning to register for the appropriate courses, answer questions about possible course options, and refer you to the appropriate people and resources to discuss career and future education options, tutoring programs and counseling services.

Who is my advisor?

Undeclared students are assigned an Advisor at the University Academic Advising Center who can assist you in exploring majors at MSU.  Advisors are assigned alphabetically according to the student’s last name and is listed at the bottom left side of your main page in Banner.  All of our Advisors are ready to help and if your advisor is not available or you want to work with a different advisor, we will make sure you have the assistance you need.  Please call (662) 325-4052 if you are unsure who your advisor is.

When should I meet with my advisor?

You should meet with your advisor during pre-registration advising to plan your next semester(s) of courses. This occurs during the middle of each semester and you will receive an email reminder from our director about scheduling appointments.  You must meet with an Advisor to be released so that you can register for classes. It is also recommended that you meet with your advisor anytime you are not sure about some aspect of your academic schedule or course choices or if you are considering dropping a class, withdrawing, changing your major, adding a minor, using academic forgiveness for a class, etc.