General Advising

Why do I meet with an advisor, and when should I meet with them?

A: Your academic advisor is here to help keep you on track as you work to complete a degree. An advisor helps you with course registration, schedule changes, withdrawing, and general advice regarding your educational and career goals. Advisors are also here to connect you to appropriate campus resources to discuss career and future education options, tutoring programs, and counseling services. Advisors at the UAAC also help undeclared students with exploring and eventually declaring a major at MSU.

It is important to note that you cannot register for classes without meeting with you advisor. You should meet with your advisor during the pre-registration period to plan your next semester’s courses, which typically occurs during the middle of each semester (please refer to the Academic Calendar for exact pre-registration period dates). You can expect an email from your advisor requesting you to schedule an appointment when the time comes. It is also recommended that you meet with your advisor anytime you are not sure about some aspect of your academic journey. This could include discussing dropping a class, withdrawing, changing a major, adding a minor, using academic forgiveness for a class, etc. 

Who is my advisor, and how do I find them?

A: Advisors at MSU are assigned by major. You can find your advisor listed on the homepage of your myState account. If you are not assigned an advisor, please contact your major’s department.

Undeclared students are assigned an advisor at the University Academic Advising Center. Advisors at the UAAC are assigned alphabetically according to the student’s last name. If you are an undeclared student and do not know who your advisor is, please call 662-325-4052.