Registering for Classes

Do I have to see an advisor before I register?

You must meet with an advisor to receive your Registration Access Code (RAC) and registration window. During this short (30 minute) meeting, you and your advisor will discuss possible major choices and courses you plan to take in the next semester(s).

When do I register for next semester?

Registration dates and times are assigned to students at various times during the registration period. You will be given your time during your pre-registration advising session. Registration continues until the last day to add a course of each semester. Please refer to the university academic calendar to see these dates.

What classes should I take next semester?

The classes you take should be based on your intended academic plan you determined with your advisor during your advising meetings. Curriculum information, requirements for each major and a description of courses can be found in the MSU Bulletin. What classes you take depends on your intended major, your semester classification, and the courses you still need in order to graduate or to enter a major.

What is a Registration Hold and how do I get it removed?

A registration hold prevents a student from registering for classes for the upcoming semester. Registration holds can be placed on a student for various reasons by Student Financial Services, the Student Health Center, or other authorized individuals. A Registration Hold can only be removed by the party placing the hold. Your academic advisor can assist you in determining the source of the hold and directing you to the appropriate party to have it removed. To have your best selection of courses, you should check for holds in your Banner account well before your registration time begins.

What is a prerequisite?

Prerequisites are stipulations that must be met prior to taking a course. Prerequisites can include: successful completion of a designated course in a sequence, ACT/SAT score, and/or classification.