Support Services

How do I find a tutor?

MSU offers tutoring and academic support to students through the Learning Center. Students can also contact the course’s department regarding specific tutoring information.

I want to get involved in undergraduate research. How do I get started?

Undergraduate research and creative discovery offers you the opportunity to apply what you already know to new issues that interest you, and allows you to develop new skills. Contact the MSU Undergraduate Research and Creative Discovery Program to find research projects and funding opportunities. Another good strategy to help you get started is to talk with a professor of a class you are interested in and see if he or she would be willing to work with you.

Where do I go to get writing help?

The Writing Center is available to work with student writers on class assignments as well as professional documents and materials and can help with any stage of the writing process (to brainstorm, develop, revise, and edit).

I'm having trouble financing my education. Is there anyone on campus who can help me?

The Department of Student Financial Aid provides financial assistance to students who need aid to attend MSU. Students seeking assistance are required to file an application for Federal Student Financial Aid annually. Applications for aid should be completed in January or February of the year prior to the academic year in which the student will need assistance. Financial aid includes scholarships, grants, loans and part-time employment.