Course Override Requests

If during the registration process you encounter an error adding a course, you may need to request an override. 

How to request an Override

It is important to know that only the department that teaches the course has the authority to grant an override.  For example, if you are trying to register for MKT 3013, only the Department of Marketing, Quantitative Analysis, and Business Law can grant a corresponding override for that course. 

Examples of overrides include:

  • Prerequisite requirements
  • Course capacity limits (within room max capacities)
  • Academic college restrictions
  • Student classification (example: junior standing)

To know which override you need, you may need to contact your advisor.

If you need to request an override for a course, please email the appropriate contact within the department/college – see links in navigation box to right.  Your email must include your name, 9-digit MSU ID number, and the reason for the request.  In addition, you must include the Course, Section Number, and Title of the course and the Semester you plan to take the course. Some departments may request additional information.

For example:

  • Student Name
  • 9-digit MSU ID (999-999-999)
  • Course: EN 1113-05, English Composition II
  • Semester (and Term if summer): Summer 2020, 10 Weeks
  • Reason: “I need a prerequisite override because I took English Comp I at local college.”

Once an override has been placed on your record, you must register for the course online in the same way that you register for any other course.

Please keep in mind that not all override requests can be granted.