Bagley College of Engineering

Course Override Contacts

Aerospace Engineering:

Machaunda Bush –

Biological Engineering: 

Dr. Filip To –

Biomedical Engineering: 

Dr. Filip To –

Chemical Engineering: 

Dr. Julie Jessop –

Dr. Bill Elmore -

Petroleum Engineering: 

Dr. Julie Jessop –

Dr. Bill Elmore -

Civil Engineering: 

Dr. Dennis Truax –

Keela William -

Computer Science and Engineering: 

Wendy Dandass –

Electrical and Computer Engineering: 

Kylie Crosland –

Industrial and Systems Engineering: 

Tammy Carroll –

Mechanical Engineering: 

Krystle Dixon –

General Engineering: 

Amy Barton –

If all else fails: 

Dr. Robert Green –

In the event that you have not been able to communicate with your advisor within 3 business days after contacting them, please contact the following college representative:

Dr. Jason Keith,Dean, 662-325-7183